Yacon SyrupWe’ll give it to you straight from the horses mouth when Dr. Oz said there would be a “marketing frenzy” after he revealed the incredible benefits of Yacon Syrup.  With all the new weight loss fads that come and go, my stomach churns when I hear someone spending hundreds of dollars or more on some new system that requires them to only drink one thing everyday for 30 days while standing on their head.  We’re always careful to take a step back and really break down what any new weight loss product is and does.  As a nutritionist and weight loss coach I am able to work with clients first hand to see what these products do on a larger scale.  Lets go over the specifics of Yacon Syrup and Powder for weight loss and whether it’s truly a “Metabolism Game Changer”.

Yacon Syrup Overview

Yacon Root extract has been researched surprisingly well with several clinical trials that evaluated those who were obese over a 120 day period in a double blind placebo test.

 The results showed “Daily intake of yacon syrup produced a significant decrease in body weight, waist circumference and body mass index.”

The key word in any weight loss study to look for is “significant”, as many of the study’s around weight loss products result in “negligible”  change.  Time after time the studies revealed the same significant weight loss in the test subjects even after long term use.

Now that the Yacon Syrup and powder benefits have been touted on the Doctor Oz Show (which we have no special affiliation with, nor do we ever use his image) and recommended on the show it has already picked up a huge stir in the media.  Doctor Oz said he spent a year researching and looking into this newest product to ensure he was finding the best possible weight loss solution for his audience.

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Now I’m not one to get my medical or nutritional advice from Dr. Oz, but I’m glad I saw the show as is caused me to look into the Raw Yacon Syrup benefits and potential side effects.  I was happy to see that it was an Organic solution, and that there were many Yacon Powder reviews and testimonials being shard along with the clinical data.  I’ll help break down what this Yacon Syrup is, how it works, and put it in plain English.

What is 100% Pure Yacon Root Syrup?

organic-yacon-syrupYacon is a vegetable that is indigenous to the Andes mountains in South America and tastes a lot like a mild version of an apple which is why it’s also known as Peru’s apple of the Earth.  It falls in the the tuber category, and looks like a potato (see image above).  The syrup itself comes from the root of the Yacon plant and refined much like the syrup we’re familiar with.  Ancient Incas used it for its nutritional properties being high in fiber which was very filling.  It is low in calories and has a super low Glycemic index rating so the lower the Glycemic index rating the longer the food takes to break down in to sugar (glucose) and the spike in blood sugar are what cause spikes in insulin and fat gain.

The Pure Yacon Syrup contains something called Fructooligosaccharide, or FOS which provides half the sweetness of sugar and doesn’t raise blood sugar as it is treated differently than normal sugar or glucose. The sweet taste comes from a powerful concentration of inulin, a complex sugar that metabolizes slowly into FOS.  Yacon root is considered to have the highest concentration of FOS (the syrup and powdered versions containing 40-50%).

“Now this is why I’m passionate about it, it’s not just about losing weight, Yes you’ll get that I know that’s why people will try this, but if it can get your blood sugar down that’s a Gold Mine for us when it comes to your health.” -Dr. Oz

How Does The Yacon Syrup and Powder Work?

“Stick” with us here as this is where some of the science and wonder of the product is explained.  Yacon Syrup and Powder act as a  prebiotic, which helps control flora in the intestine.  Flora are a group of microscopic organisms that live in our intestinal systems such as Bifidus and Lactobacillus or as Dr. Oz called them “skinny bacteria”.  The bacteria help process FOS into short-chain fatty acids, that can help in preventing cholesterol synthesis in your liver and increase tissue sensitivity to insulin. They are primarily consist of bacteria, and the flora are essential in many vital functions for our health.  These include how we absorb nutrients, support for our immune system, the ability to fight disease-causing organisms, and tells the body to grow probiotics. Probiotics help enhance and increase the efficiency of digestion which lead to weight loss. This prebiotic fuel from the Yacon root extract is the game changing element Dr. Oz mentioned.

“Researchers show that first way it works is to speed up your metabolism, by promoting the skinny bacteria. Yacon syrup very interestingly lowers the hunger hormone ‘ghrelin’ which brings you down towards fullness, and keeps you down by also controlling insulin.  -Dr. Oz”

FOS has also been revealed to regulate the creation of certain gastrointestinal peptides that are involved in gastric emptying rates and help modulate insulin and food cravings. This means it is a great appetite suppressant, and helps people eat less in a natural way. Yacon shows promise in helping with metabolic syndrome, high cholesterol and diabetes.  Added benefits include an increase in the absorption rate of essential minerals and make calcium more bio-available.

What Makes This Different?

yacon-root-powderThe research showed some very exciting and promising results for those studied.  An average weight loss of 33 pounds and 2 inches off their waist in 4 months along with a drop is LDL (bad) cholesterol without diet or exercise is pretty astounding.  This was the consensus of 5 different doctors which Dr. Oz asked to evaluate the Yacon Syrup results.  Those Doctors included: Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. Mike Roizen, Dr. Garth Davis, Leslie Bonci, Dr. Caroline Apovian, Dr. Lou Arrone.  All agreed this needs even more research and study to help reveal all the benefits.  The results of Dr. Oz’s study shed further light on the weight loss potential:

  • 29 (73%) of the women lost weight
  • 14 women lost more than 5 pounds
  • Average weight loss was 2.9 pounds
  • Average decrease in waist cercumfrance was 1.9 inches
  • Cumulative weight lost among all the women was 153 pounds
  • 27 (68%) recommended yacon as a weight loss tool

 How Should I Take it?

As with many natural products like this, there are many different forms that the Yacon root extract will come in.  Everything from the vegetable root itself, dried chips, powder, pills with the powder, and syrup.  Each option will bring similar benefits as they all contain the most vital element FOS.  Our interest is in finding the application that most people can stick to for the long term.  We found that the powder, or pills containing the powder were the most economical, easiest to take, and provided similar benefits as all other forms.  It’s recommended to take 1 pill or 500 mg before each meal, with plenty of water.  There were no side effects reported with any of the test subjects in the main clinical study, or the one conducted by Dr. Oz.

Looking Where to Buy it?

We recommend a product from the brand Root and Sprout that always has the highest standards.  They keep this powder raw by utilizing a low temperature evaporation process that preserves the rich array of minerals and vitamins  in this precious root of the Andes Mountains.  It meets all of the requirements that will lead to weight loss and better health overall.  100% money back guarantee, free shipping, with no fillers, no binders and no artificial ingredients this is the 100% Pure Yacon you’ve been looking for.

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Dr. Oz said it is best for people:

  • Who are Obese or Overweight
  • Need more Fiber
  • Are Chronically Constipated
  • Have Elevated Blood Sugar

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Dr. Oz Guidelines For Buying
*Straight from Dr. Oz website

  • Prescription Strength – Avoid buying anything claiming to be an alternative to a prescription
  • Packaging in Foreign Language – Avoid this and packaging with misspellings
  • Miracle Claims – Avoid anyone making unrealistic claims i.e. lose 20 pounds in a week
  • FDA vs Tainted Supplements – Some sites try and sell pills that were previously marked tainted by the FDA
  • Supplement Facts – Do not buy anything if you can’t find the supplement facts (like pure yacon syrup plus)