whitemulberryWhite mulberry fruit is the latest super fruit from Dr. Oz yielding a supplement that resolves the issues plaguing dieters. It’s a plant native to China, grown as food for silk worms but also eaten by humans for centuries raw and cooked. It’s loaded with vitamins and minerals. Most importantly, it’s key active weight loss ingredients are moranoline and reservatol.
Weight Loss and Health Benefits

• Maintain Blood Sugar Levels
• Reduce Cravings
• Fill fuller Longer
• Suppresses Blood Pressure
• Lowers Cholesterol
• Increased Energy
• Increased Muscle Endurance
• Glucose is absorbed by Muscles, not Fat

What are Moranoline and Reservatol?

Moranoline is a substance that inhibits the intestinal enzyme, alpha-glocosidase, which breaks down carbohydrates. When white mulberry is used regularly, starches, complex carbohydrates, maltose and sucrose don’t turn into glucose. Glucose is what the body uses for all its caloric consumption.

Reservatol is an antioxidant that can boost your energy levels by activating enzymes that help muscles use oxygen efficiently, improving endurance. It is powerful enough to mimic a caffeine rush without the harmful effects. The muscle’s also have improved glucose absorption, therefore more calories go into the muscles and fewer are stored as fat.

Nutrition of the Fruit

• Vitamin A 35IU
• Vitamin B6 60mg
• Vitamin B12 120mg
• Vitamin C 51mg
• Vitamin K 10.9mg
• Calcium 54.6mg
• Iron 2.6mg
• Magnesium 25.2mg
• Potassium 272mg

For weight loss, white mulberry extract offers all the right ingredients for a healthy loss of excess fat. Ingredient #1: Moranoline keeps the blood sugar normalized while reducing cravings for more sugar. Plus it makes the dieter fill full for longer. Ingredient #2: Reservatol redirects glucose to the muscles rather than storing them in fat. The muscles are energized and have increased endurance making you burn more calories. With these great traits this extract has earned its place among the best and most successful weight loss supplements.